Barut B Suites

Sports & Entertainment

A lively holiday filled with sports and entertainment awaits you.


Billiard matches promise delightful competition with your loved ones or other guests, adding a continuous excitement to your holiday. *Paid

Kids Pool

Parents can relax, thanks to sunshades at the pools for kids and infants.

Water Slides

The entire family can enjoy a water slide adventure in the fun world of Barut B Suites. The fun never stops on water slides, where you will have delightful times.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball on the shore of the Mediterranean offers a lively event where you will meet and compete with new friends. Set up your team and have an entertaining experience accompanied by the fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea.


In our indoor gym, you can participate in aerobics sessions with professional instructors. You can renew your energy with outdoor yoga sessions set next to the gym..

Step Aerobics

For guests seeking to raise their fitness level and participate in a wide range of activities, an energetic holiday with fun alternatives awaits you at Barut B Suites.

Fitness Hall

Continue your bodybuilding training with the latest fitness and cardio equipment in our indoor fitness centre.

Outdoor Pool

Relax while sunbathing in our outdoor swimming pools, two for children and one for adults.

Kids Playground

Barut B Suites, a child-friendly hotel, promises endless activities and fun for all children throughout their holiday. Children enjoy privileges in a special area designated just for them.

Kids Movie Theatre

Available for children between the ages of 12 and 15, the cinema room is just one of the many activities offered by Barut B Suites.

Kids Club

Kids Club in Barut B Suites privileged world offers fun options for children, including toys, TV, DVDs, CD units, cartoon broadcasts, face painting and paper colouring.


Pushing the boundaries of fun, B Suites offers you unlimited entertainment with six different shows, six days a week, as well as all-day sports events.


For guests who wish to play tennis outdoors, the site is free of charge; tennis rackets and balls are subject to a charge. For those who want to play basketball, use of the sports court is free of charge.

Kids Playground

Offering a social space full of creative activities, the children's playground offers a wide range of games and educational activities for children. Let your children maximize their holiday with the enjoyable activities of B Suites, which provide areas where kids can express themselves.
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